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All of our studies are custom designed to fit your exact objectives.  However complex your issue, we tailor make a solution that delivers the answers you need.  Our unique benefits include:


  • Senior consultants who remain engaged with you throughout your project.  We never pull the “bait and switch” you’ve seen so often, when you choose an experienced partner only to be handed off to a novice when it comes to implementation.  Our senior staff is there for you every step of the way.

  • Reach around the world.  RSI reaches across more than 90 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa.  We know how to get optimal response and meaningful results across every target market.

  • The full range of data collection modes.  RSI flawlessly executes across the total spectrum of interviewing resources, from phone to Internet to mail to online and face-to-face focus groups.  We select the modes that will maximize results among the countries and targets you choose.   

  • Access to any audience you need.  RSI can generate responses from every population important to your project-consumers, B2B segments, patients or physicians.      

  • Deep industry expertise.  RSI knows that every sector has unique issues and challenges. That’s why our consultants bring in-depth knowledge of your specific industry to your project.   Our experience spans consumer packaged goods, prescription and OTC pharmaceuticals, technology, financial services, media, telecommunications, retail and more.

  • Cutting-edge research methodologies.  RSI applies the most innovative research methodologies to support every application across the total brand continuum, including concept and ad testing, segmentations and positioning, modeling and forecasting, pricing, needs assessment, message optimization, customer satisfaction, tracking and more.  We can help you optimize brand performance at every stage of the life cycle.

Most importantly, we never employ a cookie cutter approach.  Every project is designed just for you to deliver the results you need.  No RSI program will ever become just a report that sits on a shelf, like so many research studies do.  You always come away with a clear set of strategies and tactics you can put into action to improve brand performance and market results.

Get Real-World Strategies and Tactics to Drive Market Gains

RSI is a new kind of full-service market research partner.  We put the industry’s most sophisticated sampling and survey designs, research methodologies and data collection modes to work for you.  But we know that’s just the first step. 


Drawing on more than 30 years of research, business and industry experience, our expert consultants then take the information we gather and convert it into actionable strategies that boost sales and share.  You don’t just get the charts and tables that other companies provide. 

You get concrete steps you can take to ensure you meet and exceed your brand’s goals.

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