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Survey Target Audiences: Gain Insights into Any Audience You Need -

From Consumers to B2B to Healthcare

RSI is your one-stop connection to any audience important for your study.  In addition to other data collection methodologies (telephone, door-to-door, in-person interviews, IDI’s, etc.) we leverage a worldwide network of panels plus a multitude of other online and offline sources to give you broad, diverse access to your target population:


  • Consumers, targeted by your choice of demographic, geographic and psychographic criteria

  • B2B, covering a full range of titles and professions, plus a total spectrum of organization types, from small start-ups to global conglomerates

  • Healthcare professionals including; doctors, nurses and allied health professionals

  • Patients and caregivers, across 104 ailments


Whether your study covers one audience or many, RSI brings the people you need to your research. One phone call connects you to any population important to your business.

Market Research, Consumer Behavior, Marketing, Analytics, Consumer Insight, Idea Screening,Growth Opportunities, ROI
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