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Retail: Grow Retail Share and Profitability

Success in the retail space is driven by multiple dimensions, including the experience customers have in the store; your image; and the functionality of your layout, organization and displays.  RSI looks at all the aspects of retailing - from customers’ emotional attachment to your brand to their rational reaction to how easy and comfortable it is to shop in your store. 

Using a full range of sophisticated research tools, we assess and diagnose your performance across every measure, so you have the deep insight you need to boost your share and profitability.  Working closely with you, we’ll put our findings to work in detailed business plans that help you:


Market Research, Consumer Behavior, Marketing, Analytics, Consumer Insight, CPG, Consumer Goods, Strategic Target



  • Attract and retain customers

  • Segment your audience accurately and create the most effective positioning                                                                                         for each target group

  • Determine customer needs

  • Develop the most successful new product, branding and design concepts

  • Optimize the impact of your advertising and promotions

  • Track and improve brand health across a range of factors, from awareness to patronage

  • Size market opportunities and forecast traffic and demand

  • Create international expansion strategies to grow your business around the world

  • Evaluate alternative layouts to optimize shelf space

  • Determine the right price points, by category and across channels

  • Poll consumers in prospective areas to identify the optimal sites for stores

  • Perform on-site behavioral research into shopping patterns and practices


In today’s fiercely competitive market, RSI gives you the edge you need to stay at the top of consumers’ minds and ahead of rival outlets. You’ll know the best ways to bring customers into your stores and create an experience that keeps them coming back.

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