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Data Collection: Mix and Match Modes to Optimize Reach and Response

RSI gathers information through a full range of modes - online, phone, face to face, mail or mixed access.  Because we offer all approaches, we can match the right interviewing techniques to your study and your targets, or combine modes to ensure you always get the maximum reach and response.  

Our Quantitative options include:


  • Internet interviewing in the US, Europe and other select markets, targeting physicians by specialty, business leaders by industry and consumers by any demographic, geographic or psychographic criteria

  • Telephone interviewing across the globe, either through Random Digit Dialing or precise targeting of consumers, business professionals, physicians and patients

  • Face-to-face interviewing around the globe, in central locations (including malls and unique facilities) or consumers’ and physicians’ own homes or offices 


When you need Qualitative insights to guide your brand decisions, we can perform focus groups, conduct IDI’s and host online bulletin boards. 


Our expert consultants work closely with you, custom building just the right program to achieve your exact objectives.  Unlike other companies, we never use a “one size fits all” approach, we carefully select and tailor our techniques to bring you optimum results.


Market Research, Consumer Behavior, Marketing, Analytics, Consumer Insight, Idea Screening,Growth Opportunities, ROI
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