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Consumer Packaged Goods:

Understand What Your Target Consumers Are Thinking, Feeling and Doing So You Stay a Step Ahead of the Market


  • Will your new product concept be viable in the market?  How can you refine it to maximize its potential?

  • How recognizable is your brand to customers and prospects?

  • What are your most promising customer segments?  How can you reach and influence them most effectively?

  • What do your targets think about your products and services?

  • How loyal are your customers to you?  How likely are they to switch or stick with you?

  • How do your targets rate your brand vs. your competition?

  • How effective is your advertising in driving awareness and usage?

  • What additions, changes or improvements would your targets like to see?  How can you stay ahead of the market in meeting consumers’ needs?

  • Does your market image match what you want to convey?  Do consumers remember, understand and believe in your messages?

  • What’s the optimal price point for your product?


Fortune 500 companies around the world turn to RSI to inform their consumer strategies and help them create products and services that lead the market.  Our consultants have in-depth knowledge across virtually every CPG category, including food and beverage, restaurants and retailers, personal care, clothing and more.  And we put that knowledge to work for you, nurturing your brand’s success, from concept through maturity.

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In today’s world where word of mouth and social media are among the most significant influencers over purchasing decisions, consumers are more powerful and more important to your brand’s health than ever. For your brand to thrive, it is critical for you to have an early and accurate read on how consumers are thinking, what they want from your brand and your company, where they rate you vs. the competition, and what they are doing not only now but next.  You need both insight into consumers’ attitudes and behaviors and foresight into what is coming and how to be prepared for it.        


With three decades of experience in consumer research, RSI can take you inside the heads, and hearts, of your target customers.  You can get answers to your most critical market questions, including:

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