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Financial Services: Optimize Market Entry, Expansion, Positioning and Customer Satisfaction in the Competitive Financial Services Market

The Financial Services market is undergoing radical change.  From asset management to insurance to banking, companies need to adjust to new rules and a new environment.  Now, more than ever, it’s critical to have a research partner who understands the complex financial services landscape-and can help you meet the growing demands of its customers. 

Through a broad range of qualitative and quantitative research techniques - from phone to web to mail to focus group and IDIs - RSI lets you connects with all of your target audiences, including:


  • Credit cards

  • Retail and commercial bankers

  • Payment companies

  • Insurers and re-insurers

  • Brokerage and investment firms

  • Retirement services companies

  • Mortgage lenders

  • Government regulatory agencies

  • Benefits administrators

  • Hard-to-reach targets, including delinquent payers, affluent individuals and financial intermediaries  


Then, we provide deep consultation, guiding you in building effective strategies that maximize customer acquisition and retention-and drive continued growth. We inform and optimize your business decisions across a full spectrum of applications, including:

  • Product innovation and testing

  • Market and competitive assessment

  • User attitudes, behaviors and preferences

  • Brand and communication research

  • Market sizing and forecasting

  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty  

  • Pricing strategy

  • Public opinion polling


From pricing pressures to new technologies, from consolidation to commoditization, RSI understands the unique challenges you face.  Our consultants work closely with you to ensure you have the plans in place to ensure your business’s continued health and expansion.

Market Research, Consumer Behavior, Marketing, Analytics, Consumer Insight, CPG, Consumer Goods, Strategic Target
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