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Business professionals have hectic schedules and overflowing inboxes.  That’s why you need a B2B partner who knows how to reach business leaders, engage them in your research and win their response.


RSI has the expertise to take you inside the offices, and the minds, of the decision makers shaping today’s business environment.  Whether you want to access budding entrepreneurs in their home offices, CEO’s and CFO’s of Fortune 500 companies, or technical experts in IT and R&D, RSI can bring the people you need to your study.  We leverage a full spectrum of qualitative and quantitative approaches to create tailor-made research solutions that drive: 


• Successful entry into a new market

• Business and market share expansion in an existing market

• High-impact product positioning and messaging

• Customer attraction and retention

• Effective competitive strategies

• Improved employee satisfaction

• Increased brand awareness and loyalty



Our senior consultants will partner with you to ensure the information you gather is actionable and translated into business plans that yield measurable results.  From giving you a deeper understanding of customer attitudes and behaviors to helping you track significant trends and developments, RSI’s studies ensure you make the right decisions to maximize brand performance.  


Our experience spans the total range of B2B industries, including financial services, healthcare, public relations, government, energy, insurance, telecommunications and more.  Whatever your sector, RSI can connect you with the executives and professionals who influence the market.  We ensure you get the right answers to your business questions-so you can take the right actions to achieve your goals.


Connect with Business Decision Makers Across Every Size and Type of Business

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