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The pharmaceutical marketplace is increasingly challenging and complex.  New regulations and pending legislation, including the Affordable Care Act, are transforming the healthcare landscape.  The rise of social media, the internet and direct-to consumer promotions are empowering patients and extending their influence.  Payers are driving greater and greater cost pressures.  And busy physicians are spending less time with reps-leaving you with the need to create more varied and customer-centric programs to communicate your information effectively.

To succeed in this new and changing world, you need a research partner that can help you understand all of the healthcare stakeholders-and the interactions among them.  RSI brings the depth of knowledge to give you a full perspective of the healthcare market and all of its players-prescribers and non-prescribers of your brand, key opinion leaders, hospital formulary committees, patients, payers, caregivers, pharmacists or other allied health professionals. RSI has access to physician panels by specialty and 104 ailment patient panels globally in the following therapeutic categories to help you answer any questions you may have:


















Calling on a rich variety of analytical techniques - from message and perceptual mapping, cluster and factor analysis, benefit segmentation, pricing research, discrete choice, etc. - we can help you solve your most critical pharmaceutical marketing issues, including:


















Whatever questions you have about your brand, RSI can give you the answers.  We can help you develop the business plans that optimize adoption and formulary acceptance of your brand, support patient compliance and strengthen your brand’s health and vitality across its life cycle.

Market Research, Consumer Behavior, Marketing, Analytics, Consumer Insight, CPG, Consumer Goods, Strategic Target

Pharma: Overcome the Challenges of an Increasingly Complex Healthcare Environment

• Cardiovascular

• Oncology

• Gastroenterology

• Psychiatry

• Dermatology

• Immunology

• Neurology

• Radiology

• Endocrinology

• Respiratory ailments
• Rheumatology
• Pain management
• Women’s health
• Hematology
• Metabolic syndrome
• Vaccines
• Anti-infectives
• And many more

• Sizing your market opportunity
• Identifying your highest-potential target segments across all your

  healthcare audiences
• Setting the optimal message strategy
• Developing the most effective sales aids
• Setting the right pipeline and in-licensing strategies
• Determining the correct price point 
• Evaluating and improving physician/reps interactions
• Understanding awareness, trial and usage patterns-and how they

  compare to the competition
• Uncovering unmet needs-and how your product can fulfill them
• Revealing the most important endpoints for clinical trials
• Measuring prescriber and patient loyalty to your brand

Market Research, Consumer Behavior, Marketing, Analytics, Consumer Insight, CPG, Consumer Goods, Strategic Target
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