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Brand Tracking: Track Your Brand in the Market to Understand and Respond to Changing Dynamics 

How does my brand equity change over time due to varying market factors, advertising efforts, digital programs, competitor’s marketing, etc.?


As the saying goes, the only constant is change.  When your brand goes out in the world, it lives in an ever-shifting environment.   Therefore, it’s critical to track your brand regularly, so you can quickly identify - and act on - changes in awareness, usage, preference, market share, and competitive environment.

At RSI, we make sure we work with you at the start of your tracking program to understand your needs fully, and determine the right research design, sample frame, data collection mode and metrics to deliver the information your business requires.  We then meticulously manage sample to ensure consistent and comparable results over time and across geographies.  Finally, we deliver actionable findings and recommendations in clear, concise management reports that provide specific guidance and actions.


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