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Concept Testing with Volumetric Forecasting & Norms

How do I find the strongest call-to-action with consumers?


RSI helps you filter your concepts to uncover the ones with the greatest chance of market success.  You can focus your resources on the concepts most likely to deliver a high return on your investment. 


We understand that every project is different.  In addition to utilizing key concept measures we go beyond offering an off-the-shelf approach by tailoring to the unique needs of each project.  We offer varying exercises, analyses, and methodologies such as text highlighters, heat maps, and combining quantitative and qualitative methods to ensure you come out with clear direction. 


RSI has a strategic partnership with Dr. Lynn Lin (ex-Vice Chairman of BASES and the father of BASES sales forecasting model).  Through Dr. Lin, RSI is able to provide norms for concept tests on a global basis and across almost every industry.  RSI and Dr. Lin also offer full volumetric sales forecasts for concept tests based on your provided marketing inputs.

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