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Package Testing: Create the Most Effective Packaging for Your Product-both Aesthetically and Functionally 

What changes can or should I make to my packaging?  What needs to be on my package? 


Your packaging does more than just house your brand.  It’s the first chance you have to catch your customers’ eyes and win their attention and interest. It’s what makes your brand stand out from the others on the shelf.  The colors, pictures, labels, size, design, and shape of the package needs to be tested to determine if they appeal to the end users. 

The experts at RSI understand how critical packaging can be to your brand’s success.  We use a series of specialized methodologies, both qualitative and quantitative, to ensure your packaging is optimal both for attracting customers and retaining them:


  • Design assessment lets you isolate which packaging components work and which are superfluous or even detrimental.

  • Conjoint analyses ensure you optimize both aesthetic and functional features. 

  • Simulated store set-ups reveal how consumers will react to your packaging in the real world when it’s on the shelf with your competition.

  • Diagnostic testing provides you with insight into the advantages and disadvantages of your current packaging.



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