PITA is a unique and powerful volumetric decomposition model that tries to identify the source of volume from each component of your marketing activity.  RSI consultants are fluent in using the model to answer your most important business questions, including:


  • How can we grow sales?

  • Where are my highest-potential opportunities?

  • Which strategies and tactics should I use to support my brand?

  • How do my PITA measures compare across countries?

  • Who are my best consumer targets?

  • What goals are realistic for my brand?

  • How are my PITA factors trending?

  • Is my marketing plan meeting its objectives?

  • What’s driving my volume?


PITA is among the most sophisticated tools for monitoring and maximizing your brand’s health and vitality across the total array of market activities.  It is a major advance in supporting brand success. Applied by the experts at RSI, it can drive your product to new levels of performance and profitability.


PITA Model: Maximize Brand Performance with the PITA Model