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Product Testing/Optimization 

What elements of your offer will resonate the most with consumers and how can you best tweak your go-to-market strategy?


RSI consultants ensure that every aspect of your product is just right down to the smallest detail.  From finding the best formulations for your new brand to assessing how it will perform vs. the competition, RSI leads you to the right decisions.  We even have benchmarks that show you exactly where you stand compared to the competition.


RSI takes the risk out of product development.  We utilize a product test methodology that is most suitable to your case.  These methodologies are:


  • Monadic

  • Sequential Monadic

  • Proto-Monadic

  • Comparative

Product Component Optimization: Reveal the Optimal Combination of Attributes for Your New Product                      


All products are made up of multiple attributes.  Smart marketers know all the attributes work together to create the overall product experience.  Only by understanding how attributes interact can you truly identify the best combination.  That is why RSI uses a series of choice-based techniques that uncover the optimal bundle of product components:


  • Adaptive Conjoint, which can handle a large group of attributes

  • Discrete Choice, which comes closer to simulating real purchasing patterns and can incorporate pricing effectively

  • Adaptive Discrete Choice, which drills down to component-level pricing and replicates real purchasing across a broad array of components



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